Pollock – Home Through Floor Lift

Travel up to 4.2meters
255kg weight limit
Safety sensor/edges
Back-up power

Pollock Through floor lifts/domestic home lifts provide smooth, safe and quiet through-floor travel to additional levels of your home. They are an impressive addition to any home.


  • Compact: sole person lift
  • Twin: discreet and stylish two-person residential elevator
  • Wheelchair: A cutting-edge lift that allows wheelchair users to live independently at home
  • Quick installation typically, installing a home lift takes 1 – 2 days and there should be no requirement to redecorate your home after the lift is installed.
  • A Perfect Fit Pollock home lifts come in a range of sizes to suit individual needs as well as the space available in your home.
  • Back-up power in the event of a power cut, your home lift has a backup battery that will always return to the ground floor, where you can exit the lift using a manual release.
  • Expert design, our range of home lifts has been created to suit different needs and budgets using knowledge obtained from users, healthcare professionals and our own experience.


They are ideal for people who are using Wheelchairs or Powerchairs and give back freedom and independence to move around the house at leisure, in the majority of cases without needing help or assistance. If you have steps or uneven surfaces outside your home, then you may require a step lift, which is a small platform that can take you from the ground to the level of the top step, allowing you to avoid the steps completely.

Designed to be easily installed in a wide range of homes, our Residential Elevator is available in a range of sizes and with a vertical travel distance of up to 4.2 meters and our platform step lift can go as high as 3m. We can provide a free, no-obligation assessment for a platform or through floor lift in your home or even outside if you have accessibility issues leading to your property.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members to get a quote or advice.


  • Smallest footprint with largest internal car size on the market
  • Self levelling mechanism for uneven floors
  • Strong, lightweight aluminium frame
  • Modern curved panels
  • Hydraulic or Pollock Lifts unique traction drive system depending on requirements
  • Easy access ramp for castor wheelchairs
  • Call stations with the key-controlled option
  • Interior light with a time-out delay
  • Large, user-friendly controls
  • Easy clean floor surface
  • The cab features generous vision panels and an interior mirror
  • In-car lowering
  • New type trapdoor arrangement
  • Onboard diagnostic display
  • Remote lift monitoring system

Safety Features

  • Sensitive edges stop the lift if an obstruction is present
  • Emergency alarm
  • Fail-safe systems – including a new door lock mechanism
  • Fire response system with an optical smoke detector and automatic return
  • The Traction system has an automatic speed control
  • The hydraulic system has elevator technology including an anti-creep system, rupture valves, emergency lowering and a quiet oil submerged pump
  • BS5900 Certification and CE compliant

The lift has many options and can be customised to your specific needs.

Optional Features

  • Choose from a range of seats, including perching, sliding and tip-up
  • Optional colours available
  • Power-operated door
  • In-car telephone connected to your telephone line
  • Unique controls with larger buttons for the visually impaired, increased sensitivity and a flip-up cover protect from accidental use
  • Optional remote control
  • Customise the cab size to suit your needs
  • Optional colours available
  • In-car lowering with battery backup on the traction system



Pollock Through Floor Lift 4 Years Premium Warranty Pollock Through Floor Lift 5 Years Premium Warranty

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