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The leading mobility equipment provider in the UAE since 2014

Providing mobility equipment, aids and services to individuals, hospitals, charities and government healthcare providers in Dubai and across the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

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Our beginnings

As a UK company that provides services and equipment to the NHS and local authorities across Britain, we were approached by the Wellington hospital (part of the HCA group), to help them with patients who were being discharged from their hospitals and returning back to the UAE. They needed help obtaining and setting up the equipment they required for their patients’ recovery.

Since then we have expanded our services and product range to include many more high-quality European, UK and USA products that were not previously available in the UAE.

Now, not only do we work with and provide mobility equipment to healthcare professionals in the region, but the also the general public.

Elderly woman is using an ATTO Sport mobility scooter
Haraka Mobility Showroom Dubai

Haraka Mobility and Dubai Mobility merge and open a new Mobility showroom in 2023

In early 2023 we joined forces with Haraka Mobility who specialise in mobility equipment rentals in shopping malls across the UAE including Dubai Mall.

We opened a Mobility showroom in central Dubai that allows our customers to see and try the equipment before buying.

The showroom has easy access for those with disabilities and has ample parking.

2024 will be a year of expansion of our services and product ranges

In 2023 we had a year of growing our product range and travelled the world in search of new technologies and equipment to enhance our existing range. This means that there will be many new brands appearing on our website and on show in our Dubai showroom throughout the year.

Not only are we expanding our mobility product range but we will be offering the latest technology stairlifts and patient hoists (fitted and mobile), along with new installation teams to install and maintain them in your home.

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Next year and the future

Services offered by Dubai Mobility

If you are looking for a wheelchair near you, then you will be happy to learn that we offer a wide variety of wheelchairs for sale and rental.

We have wheelchairs for people of all ages and abilities, including manual wheelchairs, folding wheelchairs, children’s wheelchairs and bariatric (heavy-duty) wheelchairs. Our range of ultra-lightweight Motion Composites carbon fibre and aluminium active and folding wheelchairs is second to none and is produced to the highest quality standards of production and function.

We offer a variety of mobility scooters for sale and rental.

We have travel mobility scooters that break down into smaller parts or that fold to allow ease of transport, as well as larger mobility scooters that offer great performance, battery life and comfort for longer days out.

We have a range of powerchairs from Quantum Rehab, Pride Mobility & ICON Rehab for sale and rental.

Powerchairs are a great option for people who have difficulty walking or who need a more independent form of mobility. A powerchair (or electric wheelchair) will help people regain their independence.

We supply and install stairlifts (stair chair lifts) across the UAE and beyond.

We only provide high-quality UK or European stairlift brands that are highly efficient, safe and have the features that you will need. We also offer extended warranties, breakdown response, service and maintenance packages with all of our stairlifts. Also, we provide home lifts which can transfer the user vertically to another floor of their home. These are domestic versions of a passenger lift that you see and use in most multi-storied buildings. We offer a free home survey, consultation and quotation for all of our home lift systems.

We install ceiling track hoist systems at home for those that cannot transfer themselves easily from a bed, shower or chair.

We also provide portable/mobile hoists which are small, portable and compact and ideal for home use. We also hire portable hoists for long or short-term, contact us or visit our rentals area for more information.

If you are suffering from a medical condition or illness, it is highly likely that you would benefit from having a hospital style bed at home.

If you are going to be in bed for long periods then you may also benefit from a mattress that is going to relieve any pressure and reduce the chances of pressure injuries and allows for repositioning and allows you to be cared for. As well as profiling hospital beds for home, we provide a range of foam and alternating air cell mattresses that are ideal for profiling beds.

Dubai Mobility offers repair services for all of the mobility equipment they sell.

We have a team of experienced technicians who can quickly and efficiently repair any mobility equipment that needs attention as well as offering regular planned preventative maintenance (PPM) and servicing.

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