Does climbing stairs feel like climbing a mountain?

The NEW UP.LIFT Stair Chair Lift offers the solution

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The new UP.LIFT Stair Chair Lift from ICON REHAB will help you to enjoy all your home again, not just the downstairs. We will change your way UP!

Your home, future-ready

With the UP.LIFT stairlift you not only prepare your home for the future. The beautiful chair also fits seamlessly into your interior. It is made with long-lasting but soft PU leather, available in various colours, which puts an end to the old ‘hospital’ stairlift image.

Flexible and simple

To get on and off the chair more easily, the seat automatically turns towards you. If you are seated, the footrest will fold out automatically & the chair will rotate towards its starting position. There are no complicated levers or buttons; everything is controlled with a simple joystick.

Intercom Feature

The UP.LIFT stairlift is advanced in every way. It even has a direct call function directly to us in case of any issues. We can also investigate any issues online without the need for us to visit!

Up to 125 kg

Maximum user weight

Next day install available

Contact us for details

Revolutionary design

Slim design saves space on your stairs

What our customers say about us…

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We try to be as helpful & professional as we possibly can be as we realise how important maintaining your mobility is, but don’t just take our word for it!

Here are some reviews from our customers.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of owning an UP.LIFT Stair Chair Lift

Below you will see the main features & benefits of the UP.LIFT that differentiates it from all other stairlifts available today.

Smaller track size & profile

Compared to commonly used rails, our rail has a considerably smaller profile.

The rail is designed so your staircase is not blocked.

In the centre of the image is the square rail of the UP Stairlift.
On the left are two other leading brands, shown in proportion

Built-in peace of mind

Accessible controls
The intercom and joystick are fitted as standard in the right armrest of the stairlift, so its always accessible. They can be fitted to the left arm if required.

The stairlift also comes with 2 remote controllers, so the stairlift can be called to whichever level you are on.

Remote assistance & fault finding​
In case of an issue, you can reach the help desk with the intercom. Your stairlift will then be checked remotely and you will be provided with a solution to any issue immediately in most cases.

In this way, you always have immediate remote assistance & fault finding, this feature requires the stairlift to be connected to a WiFi network.

The UP.LIFT Stair Chair Lift keeps the space on your stairway

The stairlift & rail have an ultra-slim design, which allows the stairlift to be closer to the wall and lower to the floor than other stairlifts. The armrests, footrest and seat can be folded up when you are not using it.

This leaves enough space on the stairs for normal use or any emergency situations. Click on the links below to see measurements, angles and clearances for the UP.LIFT stairlift

Straight stairlift configuration

Curved stairlift configuration

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The ICON REHAB UP.LIFT is fully automatic

Safety built-in

No more bending over

Get on & off easily

Automatic functions

2-way automatic swivel chair

When the seat gets to the top and bottom of the stairs it automatically swivels away from the stairs so that you can get on and off safely. There are no buttons or levers to press, pull or move.

No bending required – automatic footrest

You do not have to bend over to fold or unfold the footrest. The footrest folds fully automatically after you fold the armrests down or up.

Fully modular stairlift design

Fits perfectly on every staircase

Fully automatic chair swivel & footrest

With a unique modular rail, the UP.LIFT Stairlift fits every staircase.

The rail consists of only 2 parts and can be fully constructed & customized on-site. This prevents repeat visits, long delivery times and high prices.

The UP.LIFT hinge – stops the rail from protruding into doorways

Power hinge fits next to doors perfectly

Fully automatic hinge operation

Unique Hinge

Our unique hinge allows the stairlift to be delivered to the very top or bottom step and is retracted automatically to avoid trip hazards.

This feature is specially useful to have fitted if the stairlift is next to door openings.

The hinge rail automatically folds in after use, so it does not block the door.

Seat colour options

The UP.LIFT stair lift chair is available in 4 stunning colours. Choose the one that matches or compliments your existing home decor or style and it will blend in seamlessly. The available colours are:

  • Cognac
  • Brown
  • Sand
  • Anthracite

Which one will you choose?


Once an appointment has been made for us to visit for a consultation, we will visit and we can measure the stairs immediately; this only takes 10 minutes or so. Based on your wishes, a final quotation will be drawn up and an appointment will be made for installation. If it is urgent, the stairlift can also be installed directly after measuring.

Please contact us by filling out the form below and once we have conducted a survey, you will receive a quotation based on your needs & wishes.

The UP.LIFT stairlift can be delivered within a couple of days! Compared to other suppliers, it is not necessary to pre-assemble the stairlift before it can be installed. We have all the parts in stock. This allows us to measure and install your stairlift urgently, even the next day!

We offer a 12-month warranty on the parts of the UP Stairlift. Please ask us for full warranty conditions. Extended warranty periods are also available. Again, please ask for details.

Of course! To test our UP.LIFT Stairlift, you can always contact us to make an appointment.

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