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Head protection is used for various medical conditions and situations to prevent or minimise injuries to the head

What are special needs helmets & hats for?

Head protection is used for various medical conditions and situations to prevent or minimise injuries to the head. Some common medical conditions where head protection is recommended include:

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Head protection is crucial for individuals with a history of TBI or those at risk of head injuries due to falls, accidents, or sports-related activities. Helmets and protective headgear can help absorb impact and reduce the severity of head injuries.


People with epilepsy may experience seizures that can lead to falls and head injuries. Wearing protective headgear, such as padded helmets, can provide cushioning and protection during seizures to minimize the risk of trauma.

Skull Fractures

Individuals with weakened or fragile skulls due to conditions like osteoporosis, bone tumors, or certain genetic disorders may require head protection to reduce the risk of skull fractures. Helmets or padded headgear can offer extra support and cushioning.

Cranial Surgery

After cranial surgery, patients often need to wear protective headgear to safeguard the surgical site and provide support during the healing process. Custom-made headgear or specialized helmets can be used based on the specific surgical requirements.

Post-concussion Syndrome

Head protection may be recommended for individuals experiencing prolonged symptoms following a concussion. Helmets with extra padding or protective inserts can help protect against reinjury and provide a sense of security during physical activities.

Bleeding Disorders

People with bleeding disorders like hemophilia or those taking anticoagulant medications may be more susceptible to head injuries. Protective headgear can offer additional safety during everyday activities, reducing the risk of head trauma.

Fragile Skin Conditions

Individuals with conditions like epidermolysis bullosa (EB), which cause fragile skin prone to blistering and tearing, may benefit from head protection to prevent head injuries. Soft and padded headgear can minimize the risk of skin trauma.

It’s important to note that specific types of head protection may vary depending on the condition and individual requirements. Consulting with a healthcare professional or specialist is recommended to determine the most suitable head protection for a particular medical condition.

Our Perfect Fit Scanning Service

For the HP3 and models above, we highly recommend our Perfect Fit (TM) service, which uses cutting-edge technology to actually scan the users’ cranium to provide a 3D print of the head.

This 3D print is then used as the guide (or mold) around which the head protection is built.

This ensures a ‘perfect fit’, which ensures that the hat or helmet does not slip or move when worn, resulting in much better protection and comfort for the wearer.

HP-3 head protection
HP-5 head protection diagram

How to measure for head protection

To place an order for an HP1, HP2, Snooze and Aqua models, we only need a few simple measurements. We can send you the measurement sheet which shows which measurements we require to make your head protection.

For difficult cases or if there are anomalies in the skull, we recommend using our Perfect Fit™ system, which is quick and easy, however will require a home visit and an assessment.

Head protection for swimming, bathing and for bedtime

We provide head protection hat for hydrotherapy or swimming, which is resistant to the chemicals used in these environments. It is made from super soft neoprene outer which doesn’t get noticeably heavier when wet and has an impact resistant gel inner. Which can also be worn in the shower or bath (and rinsed afterwards).

We have a model which is ideal for use in bed (the HPS), which uses super soft and comfortable padded super soft brushed leather, ensuring the wearer is comfortable & protected in bed.

HP-Aqua head protection

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Head protection for Autism & ADHD

While head protection may not be a common recommendation for individuals with autism or ADHD as a direct treatment for these conditions, there are certain situations where it could be beneficial. Here are a few scenarios where head protection may be considered:

Self-Injurious Behaviors

Some individuals with autism or ADHD may engage in self-injurious behaviors, such as head-banging or head-hitting. In such cases, protective headgear can be used to minimize the risk of injury and provide a physical barrier.

Sensory Regulation

People with autism or ADHD may have sensory sensitivities and seek sensory input or stimulation. Wearing a weighted or compression headband can provide gentle pressure to the head, which some individuals find calming and helpful for self-regulation.

Safety during Physical Activities

Individuals with autism or ADHD may participate in sports or physical activities where head injuries are more likely, such as biking, skateboarding, or rollerblading. Wearing helmets specifically designed for those activities can help prevent head injuries and ensure safety.

Redirecting Stimulatory Behaviors

Some individuals with autism or ADHD may have repetitive stimulatory behaviors that involve head movements, such as head-bobbing or head-shaking. In certain cases, providing a safe alternative, such as a soft padded helmet, can redirect the behavior and reduce the risk of injury.

It’s important to consider the individual needs and consult with healthcare professionals or therapists experienced in working with individuals with autism or ADHD before considering the use of head protection. They can provide personalized recommendations based on the individual’s specific sensory profile, behaviors, and safety concerns.

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