Interview About Living with MS and the ATTO Scooter

Jacqueline on living with MS and an ATTO

“Life is meant to be lived and now we may enjoy the ride an ATTO scooter provides.”


As she struggles to maintain her independence and dignity as a family and career-oriented woman – while enduring excruciating symptoms – Jacqueline tells us that mindset and confidence are crucial keys to survival. Jacqueline was recently given an ATTO Classic mobility scooter and she has agreed to review the experience for us, from her viewpoint, in the hopes of helping others make the life-changing decision of acquiring an ATTO scooter.

What were your first impressions of the ATTO?

My first impression of the ATTO was a feeling of gladness. I was impressed with the sleek style, its portability, and most of all the size. When anyone has mobility issues – people stare. This makes one feel self-conscious and ashamed of their health condition. The ATTO encourages confidence and provides dignity to those of us whose bodies often betray us with various symptoms.

Atto Sport Max Mobility Scooter Dubai UAE

As someone who struggles to survive- and thrive – with MS, what does independent mobility mean to you?

Independent Mobility means freedom to me. ATTO is extremely easy to use and enables me to attain independence and not rely on others or be a prisoner to MS. The battery ensures I have enough miles for the day as it is extremely light and can be charged using external outlets anywhere.

“Independant mobility means freedom to me”


What was the first ride you took? What was it like?

The first ride I took with the ATTO took place inside my home. I rode it from the kitchen to the living room. The glare from the display was too bright but my husband showed me how to adjust it. Most people with MS have sensitive optic nerves which makes light painful, so adjusting the display screen allowed me to focus on the ride.

I would like a mirror of some sort, so I don’t have to strain my neck when I go backwards but the ride indoors was fun which surprised me. The first outdoor ride was at the beach. The speed of the ATTO lessened my stress as I was able to cross streets with ease.

However, going over cobblestone and various bumps were a bit uncomfortable and I thought an extra seat cushion might reduce the shock absorption as my spine is affected by MS. As I drove the ATTO outside, it gathered the attention of every individual and many commented with curiosity and interest. I was glad to be using the ATTO rather than a bulky scooter as no one thought of “disability” upon seeing the ATTO.

ATTO SPORT MAX mobility Scooter Folded Front

ATTO SPORT MAX mobility Scooter Folded

Are you able to fold the scooter and open it up independently?

Yes, I am able to independently fold the scooter and when it is in two sections I am able to lift it which is very nice.

What do you like most about the ATTO?

I like the design of the ATTO best. I often describe it to people as “sleek” and “attractive”. For many people with mobility issues this is not often the norm, so to be able to drive an ATTO makes it a worthy investment.

Do you use any ATTO accessories like the armrests or the backpack? How do they help improve your experience?

The armrest is my favourite accessory and the phone holder! I was thinking about how fun it will be to FaceTime family while I’m out. The armrest allows my back to rest so I’m able to move with ease. I have not tried the other accessories.

“I always recommend the ATTO to anyone I speak with”


What kinds of reactions have you received about the ATTO?

The first reactions I received were from people outside, who stopped what they were doing to watch me on the ATTO and most were very curious. I heard various comments from “Oh! What is that?” to “I need one of those!”, and “That’s so cool”.

Would you recommend the ATTO to others with MS?

I always recommend the ATTO to anyone I speak with because it reduces stress and allows anyone with mobility issues to enjoy a positive experience as it is very easy to unfold and the portability of the ATTO encourages independence. Investing in an ATTO gives a priceless sense of freedom, dignity, relaxation and happiness. For those with MS – the ATTO may be used when our various symptoms occur. MS affects every individual differently, but fatigue is the most common followed by balance challenges.

The ATTO is unobtrusive and easy to manoeuvre so turning and getting through a crowd while adhering to social distancing is not a problem with an ATTO. I was very fatigued the first time I tried the ATTO and it helped that I was able to get around the house without bumping into furniture. As Covid has increased in our state – having an ATTO is an excellent tool in navigating away from contamination in completing errands such as shopping or getting fresh air and Vitamin D outdoors safely.


What is your most ambitious aspiration for you and your ATTO?

One of my aspirations with an ATTO is to embark on a journey to explore numerous healing sites across the globe, documenting these extraordinary moments on video. By sharing these experiences with others, I aim to instil hope, offer encouragement, and facilitate inner healing.

I want people to understand that their ailments do not define them nor restrict their true potential. Through conquering their fears and embracing their innate abilities, they can embark on any adventure and discover boundless possibilities for happiness and personal growth.

Any closing message for our limited mobility readers out there?

In the face of an uncertain 2021, it brings solace to know that we possess a measure of control over our reactions. I often emphasize to people that acquiring an ATTO is a wise decision for one’s overall well-being, as it offers tranquillity, reliability, and enjoyment during the driving experience.

While the price may sometimes be a concern, the expense of stress, anxiety, and the cumbersome appearance of bulky scooters renders the ATTO a valuable investment on the road to physical and psychological recovery. Despite the potential cost considerations, when we consider the physical strain and psychological burden associated with manoeuvring, packing, assembling, or disassembling a traditional bulky scooter, the ATTO emerges as an outstanding investment.

Life is meant to be lived and now we may enjoy the ride an ATTO provides. Investing in our health is a wise and positive opportunity as we all journey on various paths towards strengthening self-worth, freedom and joyful independence.

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