ATTO SPORT Mobility Scooter

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ATTO SPORT Mobility Scooter is a perfect combination of high-end functionality and cutting-edge design with extra performance, safety and comfort. Think of the ATTO SPORT as the sports car of all mobility scooters!
Folds & unfolds in 10 seconds to a compact, split or trolley mode.
Splits into 2 lightweight parts, easy to carry.
Drive Mode, Trolly Mode, Split Mode, compact & luxury scooter.
On-board flight approved, store it in overhead compartment.
Max speed 6.2 mph reliable and secure.
Powerful front and rear lights, high visibility during the day and night.

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ATTO SPORT: High-Performance Folding Mobility Scooter

The ATTO SPORT Mobility Scooter is a high-performance folding mobility scooter with a sleek, sportscar-like design. It offers enhanced performance, safety, and comfort, allowing you to experience a smooth ride on any terrain.

The scooter splits into two lightweight parts for easy carrying in cars, airplanes, cruise ships, and for compact storage in small spaces.

ATTO SPORT: The Most Innovative Mobility Scooter!

The ATTO SPORT Mobility Scooter is the world’s most innovative mobility scooter for travel. It folds into a small suitcase size, wheels like a trolley, splits into two parts, and has enhanced lighting for extra visibility.

This folding mobility scooter is easy to lift and store, folding and unfolding in seconds. The shock-absorbing tires offer you a smooth ride on any terrain.

Enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride.

What’s Unique About the ATTO SPORT Mobility Scooter?


The ATTO SPORT Mobility Scooter is designed for high performance, a smooth ride, and convenience while on the go.

The ATTO SPORT easily transforms into a trolley for wheeling, folds into a compact size to fit smaller storage spaces, and splits into two lightweight parts for easy lifting and storage.

The ATTO SPORT is a perfect portable mobility scooter!



The ATTO SPORT is designed to support convenient, unlimited travel by car, airplane, train, cruise ship, and over challenging terrains.

ATTO SPORT’s illuminated control panel enables users to personalize various features, such as sounds and alerts, regional measurement units, maximum speed, and more.

ATTO SPORT: the perfect mobility scooter for travel.


This Travel Mobility Scooter has excellent shock-absorbing capabilities, offering you a smooth ride at all times. The advanced airless tires ensure 100% puncture protection, with zero flats.

This perfect outdoor mobility scooter features an industry-standard regenerative braking system that includes a front disc brake, ensuring a comfortable ride every time!

A safe and comfortable ride is guaranteed with the ATTO SPORT!



The ATTO SPORT Mobility Scooter has powerful front and rear LED lights, making your ride in the dark comfortable.

The scooter also features a rear warning light with three operational modes: off, flashing, and on.

This travel mobility scooter offers high visibility during both day and night.

Why Our Customers Love the ATTO SPORT Mobility Scooter

Owning the ATTO SPORT folding scooter has been a life-changing experience for many of our users. Listen to what they have to say about their experience!

Bill & Mary’s Testimonial
David’s Testimonial
Brandon’s Testimonial
Danny’s Testimonial

ATTO SPORT Mobility Scooter Accessories

The ATTO SPORT travel mobility scooter offers a line of accessories to give you the best experience when you travel. From armrests and flight kits to extra storage and enhanced visibility, these accessories are designed to meet your travel needs.

ATTO Sport armrest

ATTO Armrests

Provides extra stability, comfort, and security.

ATTO flight kit

Transport / Flight Kit

Covers and protects your scooter while you travel.

ATTO standard flight battery

Air safe Battery Pack

Ensures power availability at all times.

ATTO Carryall cushion leather

Carryall & Cushion

Offers extra seat padding.

ATTO cane holder

Cane / Crutches Holder

Holds any standard walking sticks, canes, or crutches while you ride.

ATTO Essentials pouch

Essentials Pouch

Carries all your loose essentials and battery.

ATTO Scooter red cushion

Seat Cushion

Padded cushion alleviates pressure and delivers an extra-comfy experience.

ATTO phone holder accessory

Mobile Phone Holder

Grips any mobile phone and attaches easily to your scooter.

What our customers say about us?

We try to be as helpful & professional as we possibly can be as we realise how important maintaining your mobility is, but don’t just take our word for it! Here are some reviews from our customers…


Dark grey

Max speed

9.97 Kph / 6.2 mph *

Driving distance per charge

12.5 mile (approx)


48 Volt lithium-ion, more than 20 km / 12.5 miles of continuous driving, only 4 hours on average for full charge. Charge on-board and off-board.


International 110-240V AC charger

EU and ROW (Rest of World) warranties provided


Product Dimensions

Trolley Mode

Height 28” / 71 cm

Length 15.3” / 38.9 cm

Width 16.5” / 41.9 cm


Front Half 27.5 lbs / 12.5 kg

Rear half 38.5 lbs / 17.5 kg

Assembled 66 lbs / 30 kg

Battery 4.1 lbs / 1.85 kg

Weight Capacity

Maximum user weight 19st / 120kg

Drive Mode

Height 35” / 89 cm

Length 47” / 120 cm

Width 22” / 56 cm

Shipping Dimensions

Height 19.68” / 50 cm

Length 31.49” / 80 cm

Width 16.53” / 42 cm

Weight: 81.57 lbs / 37 kg


Most countries, 4 mph / 6.4 km per hour*

*Setup according to the local regulations

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