What to Know About Motion Composites Warranties?

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Lifetime frame warranty

Want to know about Motion Composites warranties? Its the industry’s strongest warranty for the industry’s strongest chair. You can always measure a manufacturer’s product confidence by the length of its warranty. In an industry where a five-year warranty is standard, Motion Composites is pleased to now offer a lifetime warranty on its carbon fibre wheelchairs. We can do this because we believe in the superiority of carbon fibre. It’s stronger and more resilient than steel and it’s resistant to rust, decomposition and oxidation. Motion Composites built its reputation on the unique attributes of carbon fibre in the wheelchair industry. Now Motion Composites guarantees it.

The details

Motion Composites warranties its Helio C2, Helio C2HD, Helio Kids, Veloce and Apex carbon fibre wheelchairs against manufacturing defects for the product’s life. This warranty applies to the carbon fibre frame and cross brace. This warranty does not extend to surface finishes, such as paint, to components attached to the frame, nor to normal wear and tear, such as scratches and abrasions. Only the original registered owner of the wheelchair can claim this warranty, which is non-transferable

Move Folding Wheelchair

Move Folding Wheelchair canada

Apex Rigid Carbon Fiber Wheelchair

Apex Rigid Carbon Fiber Wheelchair for sale

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