Tips for Proper Electric Wheelchair Maintenance

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Why is it important to maintain your electric wheelchair?

Many people who have limited mobility are very excited about their electric wheelchairs. It’s impressive that these can go a long way each day and not show signs of wear or tear. Let us show you some tips for electric wheelchair maintenance. You will have a much better time following these care tips for your electric wheelchair.

Each day before using the chair, check the parts to ensure they’re in good shape. You must be on top of any problems that might arise. If you aren’t sure, you can ask someone close to you for help. If there is a big problem, you can call the manufacturer. Most models don’t need a lot of work. Every person who wants to get the most out of their powerchair needs to start a maintenance regimen that lasts. Every time you ride on the model, you will get the best performance from it, no matter where you are.

Tips for keeping your electric wheelchair in good working order

It is best not to experiment with your wheelchair; poor maintenance can only lead to disappointment. It’s preferable to seek help if you don’t have the knack for such things. It’s good to get your wheelchair serviced at least once a year. You can hire competent specialists online. You will need tools to maintain your vehicle if you are confident enough.

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Check pneumatic tire pressure

Tires that are properly inflated glide smoothly on the road. If the pressure is too low, you must do the following:

  • Use pressure on the tire by pressing. If the pressure drops the tire more than 5mm, you must use an air pump to re-inflate it. Remember to do this four times a month. A pneumatic or bicycle pump is required to boost the pressure in a wheelchair tire.
  • Examine the tightness of the nuts and bolts. The wheelchair will not work if they are not tightened. They must be so tight that they grip each other, but it’s best not to go overboard. Too much force can cause damage. Replace worn-out bolts. When replacing worn-out bolts, you must use the manufacturer’s specified grade.


The brake is a very important part of the wheelchair, and when it doesn’t work, there have been a lot of accidents. These strategies can be used to fix a broken brake:

  • Reduce the rate of movement
  • Move your joystick and choose the right one when you hear the sound
  • Release your grip on the joystick
  • Release the joystick to reverse gears

To stop the wheelchair’s engine at this point, turn off the power. You can see how they react when you turn off the engine. When you notice that the brakes aren’t working properly, you should get help from a professional.

Check for motor noise

Every motorised wheelchair needs a motor. This machine turns the batteries’ electrical energy into mechanical power. The engine drives the wheel, and like any other portion of the wheelchair, it requires attention. Recognise when your wheelchair’s notice level is off. It will be challenging if you are unfamiliar with its typical tone, so get used to the wheelchair’s sound. This way, you’ll know when the noise becomes odd.

Dual-motor models must sound identical. When the motor noise becomes abnormal, consult an expert. Loud noises might be produced by faulty bearings, gears or misaligned belts. Frame difficulties may cause them. To test the wheelchair, activate the lever and push it. It’s excellent if you can’t move it naturally. Leaving the lever unlocked allows the wheels to roll. Lever failure injures (and embarrasses) the user. Contact the pros if you have trouble with your wheelchair’s lever. Contact a wheelchair maintenance professional if issues arise. This type of maintenance should be done daily.


The bottom line

These tips for electric wheelchair maintenance will extend the life of your electric wheelchair and will ensure your safety and save you money on replacement components. Safety must be considered when using your wheelchair in public; you can’t rely on pedestrians to follow traffic laws. If you accept this simple challenge, you will always have a smooth ride.

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