5 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Wheelchair

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Basics of a powerchair

powerchair or “power wheelchair” is a kind of wheelchair that assists with movement. It’s generally used by people who cannot walk due to medical conditions. Individuals who use powerchairs cannot utilise a manual wheelchair or an electric scooter. Each electric wheelchair comes with a base that has four or more wheels.

The motorized wheelchair base’s driving wheels may be mounted at the front, centre or back. For extra stability, motorised wheelchairs often have two main driving wheels and two (or four) smaller wheels called “casters”. While many electric wheelchairs are suitable for use both inside and out, powerchairs provide more agility indoors. Certain motorized wheelchairs are intended for use in the house; these are compact and elegant due to their smaller turning radius. Numerous types of electric wheelchairs fit readily into residential hallways and door frames.

The five tips on how to select a powerchair

1. Ensure it can go everywhere you like

The last thing you should be concerned about is being stranded somewhere, unable to reach your house or place of employment. Not every powerchair is constructed identically or operates as advertised. The best way to determine if a powerchair is suitable for you is to test its performance on various terrains and in different locations. The ideal powerchair should be an investment in your freedom, reducing your need for help and allowing you to go out and accomplish things independently.

2. Consider sturdy frames and flexibility

Choosing a powerchair may be pricey, but it should endure for at least the next 8 to 10 years with proper maintenance. Therefore, it’s usually a good idea to inquire about the length of time previous users have had their chairs or if they’ve had to make several expensive repairs during their lifetimes. Dubai Mobility powerchairs are well-known for their durability, with several customers reporting their chairs have lasted eight years or more. Additionally, Dubai Mobility chairs feature built-in flexibility, which means they can grow and develop with you. As your demands vary, ensure your powerchair can adapt as well.

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3. Make sure it can be customised for you

Because everyone is unique, your powerchair should be as customized as possible. Seek an agency or wheelchair manufacturer willing to create a one-of-a-kind personalised solution which fits your particular objectives, lifestyle and ambitions. One such Dubai Mobility user now has his footplate customised to enable him to extend his legs (independently of a caregiver) and aid with circulation. He also had a special tray installed on his powerchair, allowing him to relax and readily reach his phone, documents and other work-related items.

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4. It should help you do more

Perhaps you like outdoor adventure, frequent travel, compassion for others, or a stressful job schedule. Whatever your lifestyle, seek a powerchair that’s prepared to assist you in doing all of these tasks and more. Dubai Mobility powerchairs are equipped with amenities that simplify life, especially while travelling. The retractable docking pin lets you secure your powerchair inside a vehicle while driving effortlessly. The fold-forward backrest lets you lower the height of your wheelchair to fit comfortably in the back of an aircraft’s wagon, SUV, or cargo compartment. A fast-release joystick facilitates the removal of this component before travel.

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5. Look for new technology

The best powerchair should have new technology which makes your life easier. Because of the research being done, we’re still far from seeing these many kinds of new powerchairs on the market. When shopping for a powerchair, look for its technological features and think about how you’ll use them when you buy one. At Dubai Mobility, we make technology that will make your life easier. Our powerchairs are made to let people move around when needed, reducing the risk of aches, pressure sores and pains. Do you wish to travel anywhere you want in a Dubai Mobility powerchair?

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