Domestic Lift

Designed to be easily installed in a wide range of homes

Pollock – Home Through Floor Lift

Travel up to 4.2meters
255kg weight limit
Safety sensor/edges
Back-up power


Pollock Through floor lifts/domestic home lifts provide smooth, safe and quiet through-floor travel to additional levels of your home. They are an impressive addition to any home.


  • Compact: sole person lift
  • Twin: discreet and stylish two-person residential elevator
  • Wheelchair: A cutting-edge lift that allows wheelchair users to live independently at home
  • Quick installation typically, installing a home lift takes 1 – 2 days and there should be no requirement to redecorate your home after the lift is installed.
  • A Perfect Fit Pollock home lifts come in a range of sizes to suit individual needs as well as the space available in your home.
  • Back-up power in the event of a power cut, your home lift has a backup battery that will always return to the ground floor, where you can exit the lift using a manual release.
  • Expert design, our range of home lifts has been created to suit different needs and budgets using knowledge obtained from users, healthcare professionals and our own experience.


They are ideal for people who are using Wheelchairs or Powerchairs and give back freedom and independence to move around the house at leisure, in the majority of cases without needing help or assistance. If you have steps or uneven surfaces outside your home, then you may require a step lift, which is a small platform that can take you from the ground to the level of the top step, allowing you to avoid the steps completely.

Designed to be easily installed in a wide range of homes, our Residential Elevator is available in a range of sizes and with a vertical travel distance of up to 4.2 meters and our platform step lift can go as high as 3m. We can provide a free, no-obligation assessment for a platform or through floor lift in your home or even outside if you have accessibility issues leading to your property.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members to get a quote or advice.

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FAQs About Domestic Lifts

  • Ensure comfort and functionality in a wheelchair by determining the correct seat width.
  • Consider the user’s body size, individual needs, and personal preferences when choosing the seat width.
  • Measure the widest part of the user’s hips or thighs while seated as a baseline for comparison.
  • Add one to two inches to the measurement to accommodate clothing and provide wiggle room.
  • Take into account the user’s weight distribution to determine if a wider or narrower seat is needed for proper positioning and support.

The correct seat width promotes comfort, mobility, and independence for wheelchair users.
Contact us today to find the ideal seat width tailored to your specific requirements.

During an assessment at Dubai Mobility, one of our trained professionals will assess your individual needs and requirements to ensure that you get the right wheelchair for your lifestyle.

The assessment will typically include the following:

  • Discussion of your current mobility needs: We will ask you about about any conditions that may affect your mobility, as well as your current mobility needs and goals.
  • Measurements and dimensions: We will take measurements of your body, including your height, weight, and reach, as well as the dimensions of your home and other environments where you will be using the equipment.
  • Evaluation of your functional abilities: We will observe you performing various tasks, such as transferring from a bed to a wheelchair, getting in and out of a car, and navigating different types of terrain, to assess your functional abilities and identify any areas where you may need assistance.
  • Discussion of your preferences and budget: We will discuss your preferences for features and accessories based on your needs, while considering your budget. We will then present you with specific options for your situation.

Dubai Mobility offers repair services for all of the mobility equipment they sell.

We have a team of experienced technicians who can quickly and efficiently repair any mobility equipment that needs attention as well as offering regular planned preventative maintenance (PPM) & servicing.

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