Pride Hereford Lift Chair

  • Dual-motor power lift chair
  • Made in the UK
  • It has a USB charger port
  • Weight capacity of 158kg


Brings some modern, sleek styling and outstanding comfort to our rise and recliner range with its generously filled backrests, and the chaise allows for superb comfort and relaxation. It has a dual motor or dual or single motor tilt in space that allows the back and feet of the chair to be adjusted independently of one another in two separate motions, allowing the user to choose from a much wider range of positions.

This chair also comes with many added features, including a handy USB charger port on the handset and an extendable footrest or tilt in space. Find your perfect position with the Hereford lift chair soft seating system, which has been hand padded to ensure additional comfort and support. All Hereford Deluxe versions have a USB port.

Classical Detail

The unique Hereford Deluxe has been handcrafted in the UK to inspire a traditional design with a modern twist. With a generously filled back cushion and an exquisite seat base, the Hereford has been designed to feature maximum comfort and limitless functions. The handset features light-emitting LED buttons and a handy USB charging port for your mobile phone or tablet. The smart technology switches the chair off after 20 seconds of being stationary, saving electricity and wear and tear on the battery.

This highly adaptable stylish recliner is available with five different backrests. The lateral backrest offers generous padding along the sides of the backrest, while the waterfall design alleviates pressure from the top of the spine to the lumbar region. You can choose from either a letterbox, lateral or waterfall-style backrest. With added benefits such as a powered headrest for real adjustable support and powered lumbar support, get right to where you need it! and a footrest extension that completes your total support.

Select from petite, compact, standard or grande sizes

The powered 10″ headrest allows you to recline the backrest of the Hereford while enjoying proper support for your neck. The powered lumbar support offers accurate pressure relief to this important part of your back. There are an infinite number of seating positions to choose from, all at the touch of a button, and a fantastic level of posture support to ease your aches and pains.

The wooden knuckles on each arm are ideal for helping you out of the chair and ensuring that there is little or no wear when you push yourself out. These knuckles are available in light, medium or dark finishes. The Pride Hereford lift chair, part of the Prides Hudson range, makes the best use of a smart technology control system.

With a handset that has light-emitting LED buttons and a very handy USB charging port for mobile phones, tablets or Kindle, the smart technology switches off the chair after 20 seconds of being in a stationary position; this will save both electricity for you and wear and tear on the battery and the chair itself.

Why single or double motor

Single motor chairs

A single-motor riser recliner chair is where one motor controls all of the electric functions on the chair. For example, the backrest, footrest and riser functions are all operated through a single set of buttons.

The chair can be put into a fully reclined position with the backrest reclined and the footrest raised, all by pressing the recline button. Next, the chair moves into a raised sit-to-stand position by pressing the rise button. The backrest will rise while the footrest drops, and then the whole chair will rise, all through that single motor.

Single-motor rise and recline chairs are less expensive than dual-motor riser chairs. This is because the single motor operation and simplistic controls are less costly to produce and, as a result, are less expensive to buy.

Dual motor chairs

As the name suggests, a dual motor riser recliner is where two motors control the chair. One motor operates the backrest whilst the other motor operates the footrest and riser function. Each motor has its own set of buttons, and you will notice the chair’s handset control has four buttons.

With the dual motor rise and recline chairs, the user has more flexibility in determining a position that they find comfortable. Furthermore, by reclining the backrest independently of the other functions, users can create very different seated positions for a single motor chair. This flexibility makes dual motor chairs more popular with elderly and disabled users.

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LED / USB charging – LED Control

Pride Hereford Lift Chair Infinite Postion logo

Control your powered headrest, lumbar support and independent dual motors to find your perfect position. Also featuring a handy USB charging port and LED lights, which help to pinpoint your chosen position.
Infinite Position Lift Chair

Pride Hereford Lift Chair USB remote control

Infinite position, allows you to switch between functions to reach an optimised comfort.

Back options

Back Options:

  • Waterfall
  • Lateral Support
  • Letterbox
  • Button
  • Lumbar Support


Petite Chair;

  • Overall height 104.1cm (41 inches)
  • Overall depth 88..9cm (35 inches)
  • Overall width 88.9cm (35 inches)
  • Back width 60cm (23.6 inches)
  • Seat height 44.5cm (17.5 inches)
  • Seat depth 47cm (18.5 inches)
  • Seat width 53.3cm (21 inches)
  • Maximum user weight 25 stone (158.7kg)

Compact Chair;

  • Overall height 109.2cm (43 inches)
  • Overall depth 91.5cm (36 inches)
  • Overall width 89cm (35 inches)
  • Seat height 47cm (18.5 inches)
  • Seat depth 49.5cm (19.5 inches)
  • Seat width 53.3cm (21 inches)
  • Maximum user weight 158.7Kg (25 stone)

Standard Chair;

  • Overall height 114.3cm (45 inches)
  • Overall depth 94cm (37 inches)
  • Overall width 88.9cm (35 inches)
  • Back width 60cm (23.6 inches)
  • Seat height 49.5cm (19.5 inches)
  • Seat depth 52.1cm (20.5 inches)
  • Seat width 53.3cm (21 inches)
  • Back height from seat 61.8cm (24.3 inches)
  • Maximum user weight 25 stone (158.7kg)

Grande Chair

  • Overall height 119.4cm (47 inches)
  • Overall depth 96.5cm (38 inches)
  • Overall width 91.5cm (36 inches)
  • Seat height 52.1cm (20.5 inches)
  • Seat depth 54.6cm (21.5 inches)
  • Seat width 53.3cm (21 inches)
  • Maximum user weight 158.7 kg (25 stone)

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