Icon DOS Curved stairlift

  • 130kg weight limit
  • Bariatric options available
  • Powered folding footrest
  • Battery operated


The Icon DOS Curved stairlift is compact with a contemporary design. It can be used on the majority of stair configurations whilst still remaining compact & close to the wall.

It is available with 2 weight limits, 130kg and 150kg, along with an extensive range of additional options to ensure it meets your needs. To begin with, it is a highly reliable, quiet stairlift; with the bespoke twin rail design, it negotiates tight bends with ease. Furthermore, every track is custom designed for each staircase. This ensures the best possible fit, with the fewest joints for a smooth ride. The unobtrusive track consists of twin 45mm slimline diameter tubes mounted very close to the wall or handrail. Therefore the TWO is the ideal stairlift for narrow, curved stairs.

The Icon DOS curved stairlift is designed as a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing solution for most standard staircases. It negotiates curved bends on any side of the staircase, intermediate landings and corridors with ease. Lever-assisted manual folding footrest as standard. It is battery-operated, so the stairlift can still be operated during a power cut. With a light touch, ergonomic controls require very little effort to operate the lift, and the all-around safety system will stop the chair lift automatically if anything is trapped or it encounters any obstacles with unique folding & amp; sliding rail options to avoid any obstructions at the foot of the stairs.

Standard Specification includes:

The DOS comes with an impressive standard specification, including a Footrest Raiser linkage, four rail colour options and 12 upholstery colour options.

Additional options:

In addition to these, the DOS is also available with additional options, including a powered swivel and powered footrest raiser. The DOS includes an option of two innovative Powered hinges for use where there is limited space at the bottom of the stairs.

An additional option is also available to increase the weight limit to 160 kg (25 Stone).

What is a stairlift?

A stairlift is an electronic device that aids the transportation of a person with mobility limitations up and down the stairs in a home. Typically, a stairlift functions on a railing system which allows for a smooth and seamless trip from one floor to the other. Stairlifts are built to move at a slow pace along the staircase to ensure complete comfort and safety during use. Through the evolution of stairlifts, they are now fitted on the stair treads rather than on the wall. On top of this, stairlifts can be fitted on curved staircases, although this can be a little more complicated to install.

The different types of stairlifts

Stairlifts are constantly evolving in order to suit as many specific cases as possible. It can be quite overwhelming when you start to look into the different types of stairlifts that are on the market overall. We can provide a free, no-obligation assessment for straight, curve stairlifts, platforms or through-floor lifts in your home or even outside if you have accessibility issues leading to your property.

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The stairlift is also operative during a power failure.


The stairlift is equipped with levers to easily fold and unfold the footrest. You can opt for the powered version instead of the manual one.


The safety belt is easy to use and can be operated with one hand.


The seat can swivel, creating a safe dismount. You can opt for an automatic version instead of
a manual one.


The stairlift will stop automatically once it detects resistance, which makes it safe for your hands, feet or any other obstacle.


The chair is foldable when no in use and blends in with your interior.

Technical Specification

  • Maximum weight load of 125kg (19.7 stone)
  • Minimum width when unfolded – 654mm (25.7 inches)
  • Minimum width when folded – 440mm (17 inches)

What’s next?

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