Icon Air Curved Stairlift

  • Automated swivel seat
  • 125kg Weight limit
  • Seat belt included
  • Battery operated


The Icon Air curved stairlift is specifically designed to accommodate a variety of curved staircases, including ones that traditional curved stairlifts can’t do. This is because the Icon Air features the smallest diameter rail currently available, and the chair is fitted with reverse drive technology, so it can travel partly or even entirely backwards. These two exclusive features mean the Icon rail can fit into very tight areas, and the chair can traverse past difficult or narrow parts of the staircase by rotating the chair into a backwards position – it will fit between sections as narrow as 640 mm in width.

The Icon Air is also highly customisable and is available with an extensive range of additional options to ensure you get a lift tailored to your personal needs.

Thinnest rail: The slimline but robust tubular rail measures just 60 mm in diameter (smallest currently available) and can be bespoke to any curved staircase type, particularly narrow staircases and ones with little parking space. The rail can be installed on either side of the staircase, and it can run incredibly close to the edge of the stairs so that space is maximised for the stairlift to travel. It also means plenty of space is left for others in the household to pass the stairlift when required.

No more hinges: Do you have limited space, a door or hallway at the bottom of the stairs but no room for a stairlift to park without it becoming an obstruction? The Icon rail can overcome this without needing a hinged track which would usually be used in these situations. This is thanks to the highly customisable tubular rail, which can be designed to feature a special drop-nose allowing the rail to start in very tight spaces, including 1st step start if required.

Versatile solution: The Icon Air stairlift can help anyone overcome complicated or limited staircases, especially those that are far too narrow for standard mobility solutions or those with irregular dimensions. The rail can be designed and built to any number of different staircase configurations, including internal, external, 90° bends, 180° turns, multiple bends, fan-shaped stairs, square landings, 180° wrap round starts, plus many more. Also, because the stairlift features reverse drive technology, the seating position can be adjusted to prevent you from hitting your knees when arriving at tight or narrow sections of the staircase.

A fast and neat installation: The installation of the stairlift is carried out by experienced technicians in a clean and tidy manner. The slimline tubular rail is fitted directly to the stair treads (not the wall), meaning no damage or unsightly structural work is required to your property. The complete installation usually takes 3 hours and is followed by a full explanation of how the stairlift works. Once complete, your stairlift is ready to use straight away.


What is a stairlift?

A stairlift is an electronic device that aids the transportation of a person with mobility limitations up and down the stairs in a home. Typically, a stairlift functions on a railing system which allows for a smooth and seamless trip from one floor to the other. Stairlifts are built to move at a slow pace along the staircase to ensure complete comfort and safety during use. Through the evolution of stairlifts, they are now fitted on the stair treads rather than on the wall. On top of this, stairlifts can be fitted on curved staircases, although this can be a little more complicated to install.

The different types of stairlifts

Stairlifts are constantly evolving in order to suit as many specific cases as possible. It can be quite overwhelming when you start to look into the different types of stairlifts that are on the market overall; we offer two types of stairlifts at the moment. We can provide a free, no-obligation assessment for straight, curve stairlifts, platforms or through-floor lifts in your home or even outside if you have accessibility issues leading to your property.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members to get a quote or advice.


The safety belt is easy to use and can be operated with one hand. The stairlift will stop when detecting an obstacle. Automatic, soft and safe. The control lever is robust and stable enough to be used as support.
The stairlift can be folded quickly. This saves space and leaves the stairs accessible. The chair turns 90 degrees at the top of the stairs, for safe entry and exit. It can also be equipped with an automated swivel seat for smooth ride and getting on and off safely.(Optional: automated swivel seat) The stairlift keeps functioning in case of power failure.
The stairlift is equipped with two remote controls. for both upstairs and downstairs. You can get the chair to you by using the remote. Equipped with automatic folding footrest as a standard. This way you do not need to bend down to fold the footrest. The innovative rail design which required no extra space for at bottom of the stairs.


Drive Rack and pinion
Max. inclination Up to 52°
Capacity Max. 125 kg
Motor power DC motor 24 Volt 200 walt
Remote controls Remote controls with light touch switches
Safety Bottom side is provided with a safety panel, operating in both ways of direction of travel
Batteries 2 x 12 V batteries
Operation Joystick control
Automatic stop Yes with soft start and stop
Footrest Powered folding footrest
Certification EN 81-40, Machine Directive 2006/42/EG

What’s next?

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