HP-5 Adjustable Head Protection

  • Full leather outer
  • Adjustable in many ways
  • Add-on protection
  • Rear impact protection
  • Bespoke colours available


Help your loved ones by protecting them from head trauma, headbanging and falls with our protective and exceptionally comfortable HP5 head protection. Growth-related or after surgery, it is possible that the shape of the head and, therefore, particular measurements can change in a concise time.

Owing to its innovative construction, the head protection HP-5 Flex is individually adjustable in many areas (head circumference, inclination, strap lengths), making it ideal to adapt to the individual measures of the person in need of care.

Our head protection helmets

Some people may find that our range of head protection can help reduce injuries caused to people who fall due to dementia. Our range is comprehensive and can help reduce injuries caused by the effects of many different conditions.

Risk of falling

Falls aren’t an inevitable part of living with dementia; however, some symptoms can make people with dementia more at risk of falls. People with dementia can also have the same health conditions that increase the risk of falls as people who don’t have dementia.

Falls and dementia

Dementia is a syndrome (a group of related symptoms) associated with an ongoing decline of the brain and its abilities. Some of these symptoms include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving, communication and language.

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  • Chin protection
  • Forehead protection
  • Velcro sun shield
  • Closed top
  • Ear protection


  • Ratchet adjustment
  • Velcro adjustment


  • Velcro fastener
  • Fix lock fastener
  • Thorn buckle (standard)
  • Strengthened thorn buckle
  • Magnet lock including key

Perfect fit

PerfectFit system overcomes several difficulties that are often encountered when trying to assess for head protection as it gives an exact scan of the shape and size of the clients head. This scan is then used to produce a 3D print of the client’s head, enabling us to build a perfectly fitting head protector that offers maximum protection from the day it is delivered. It can also also be used to monitor patients heads.

What’s next?

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