ATTO Mobility Scooter

  • Maximum speed of 4mph
  • Features a 56cm base
  • Angled footrest
  • Bike-style steering
  • Can be split into two parts


Those who regularly travel on public transport will benefit hugely from ATTO’s unique Travel Mobility Scooter from Moving Life

Moving Life have fitted the ATTO with a clever ‘transfolding‘ function, which allows the scooter to become the size of a standard piece of luggage within just a few seconds. The ATTO can be split into two parts for easier storage and transportation. It will safely “take on” pavements and indoor areas without compromising comfort.

The Moving Life ATTO features a 22″ (56cm) base for stability wherever you travel, while the smart mechanisms help you find the optimum driving position with a user interface and seat adjustments available. The footrest is angled for a more comfortable driving experience, and the non-slip covering offers reassurance when getting off and on the scooter.

What is a mobility scooter?

A mobility scooter is an electric vehicle that can provide a simple and affordable way of getting out and about independently if you have mobility problems. A typical mobility scooter looks a bit like the ATTO but functions more like a cross between a motorised wheelchair and a motor scooter. However, they travel much more slowly than motor scooters, with maximum speed of 4mph.

Although there are different types available, all mobility scooters have bike-style steering (a ‘tiller’) to direct the wheels, large padded upright seats and simple controls. Batteries power them.

Who is a mobility scooter suitable for?

Mobility scooters can be ideal if you have limited mobility but still want to be able to visit friends and family nearby, do your shopping or get around town without relying on others to help you get around.

They’re suitable if you have a good sitting balance, the ability to step on and off, adequate eyesight and a good memory. However, if you have problems with any of the above or a medical condition that is likely to change, this might not be the best solution for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members to request a test drive, quote or advice.


  • Stylish contemporary design
  • Easy to fold into suitcase size and easy to unfold
  • Splits into two lightweight segments for easy carrying, and overhead or trunk storage
  • Trolley mode makes it convenient to walk with and steer when folded
  • Ergonomic design with ample legroom and armrests
  • Lithium flight-approved battery and charger
  • Adjustable seat with 3 different heights
  • Easily adjust the height and angle of the tiller
  • Lightweight aluminium chassis
  • A Brushless DC motor enhances durability and power
  • Led display tracks speed, battery and travel direction
  • On/off button
  • 6 Travel speeds
  • Onboard USB charging port
  • Warning sound alert (horn)
  • The one-click shift from forward to reverse
  • Automatic reverse travel alert sound
  • Left hand compatible
  • Magnetic lifting handle
  • Easy access to the battery when folded
  • Patented contractable rear wheels
  • Extra storage room under the seat
  • Anti-flat airless tires, puncture-free
  • FDA, TUV and CE certified
  • Padded handlebars for convenient and safe gripping
  • 12cm ground clearance in various terrains
  • ERB (Electric Release Brake) for safer braking
  • ABS (Automatic Brake System) for emergency braking
  • Automatic slowdown on the slope and in sharp turning conditions
  • Freewheel (neutral mode) enables wheeling when a battery is empty

Multiple Modes

ATTO’s revolutionary mechanism allows it to fold into a trolley suitcase and be split into two lightweight parts.

movinglife atto scooter

Drive Mode

62.2 lbs (28.2 KG) without battery.

Trolley Mode

Compact trolley suitcase that can be taken with you on the train, on the plane or in the trunk of your car.

Split Mode

Two lightweight parts for easy lifting to your car trunk or upstairs.


Battery: 48 Volt lithium-ion, more than 20 km/12.5 miles of continuous driving, only 4 hours on average for a full charge. Charge on-board and off-board.

Charger: International 110-240V AC charger EU and ROW (Rest of World) warranties provided.

Product Dimensions:

Trolley Mode

Height 28”/71 cm
Length 15.3”/38.9 cm
Width 16.5”/41.9 cm


Front Half 26.4 lbs/12 kg
Rear half 37.5 lbs/17 kg

Drive Mode

Height 35”/89 cm
Length 47”/120 cm


Assembled 64 lbs/29 kg (w/o battery)
Battery 4.1 lbs/1.85 kg

Shipping Dimensions

Height 19.68”/50 cm
Length 31.49”/80 cm
Width 16.53”/42 cm
Weight: 81.57 lbs/37 kg

Weight Capacity

Maximum user weight 265 lbs/120 kg.


In most countries, 4 mph/6.4 km per hour*
*According to the local regulation.


What’s next?

Any questions or need further information about the product, contact us below: