ATTO Mobility Scooter

  • Puncture-proof airless tyres
  • Anti-theft wireless locking key
  • Powerful front and rear lights
  • Take on an airplane, train or cruise ship
  • Fits car trunk



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The industry’s most stylish foldable mobility scooter is also the smartest and safest solution for anyone with limited mobility.

Atto Mobility Scooter on the strip
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Ergonomic with ample legroom
  • Extra storage room under seat
  • Easily adjust height and angle of tiller
  • Unfolds in seconds
  • Splits into 2 compact parts
  • Easy carrying, folding & transport
  • Air-flight & travel optimized
  • Lithium flight-approved battery & charger
  • Adjustable seat height (3 settings)
  • LED display tracks speed, battery & travel direction
  • 6 travel speeds
  • Fits car trunk
  • Tested for safety & ruggedness
  • ERB (Electric Release Brake) for safer braking
  • ABS (Automatic Brake System) for emergency braking
  • Auto slowdown on slope & sharp turns
  • Up to 20 Km of driving on a single charge
  • Anti-flat airless tires, puncture-free
  • FDA, TUV and CE certified

Dubai Mobility is the official distributor for Moving Life ATTO mobility scooters across the UAE/GCC & beyond.

ATTO Mobility Scooter customer reviews...

"ATTO is the best scooter.
It is perfect for me"
Aitor Villadoniga
"Its truly amazing! It is going to expand my world and give me back some independence. I cant believe how small and easily it folds. Thank you!!"
Sharon Brereton
"The design and industrial aluminum strong frame design but light weight. The ability to travel in a car having it in two pieces. Not difficult to get in and out of a small car"
Barry Lisner
"Fantastic, just what I needed."
Andrew Downing

Do not miss out on the benefits of an ATTO Small Folding Travel Mobility Scooter

The industry’s most stylish foldable personal scooter is also the smartest and safest solution for anyone with limited mobility at any age. 

Now with Multiple models offering great performance, excellent features and now a heavy-duty sport model for users up to 136 kg.

Compact, split or trolley


Transforms into a trolley, can be folded to a compact size to fit smaller storage spaces, and breaks down into 2 light parts

Unlimited travel options


With the easily adjustable size and lightweight – it’s designed for unlimited travel; by car, by plane, by train & cruise ship.

On-board flight approved

ATTO Mobility Scooter stowed away on airplane locker

With a flight-approved battery, its compact size makes it easy to store in the aircraft’s overhead compartment.

Zero punctures!


Advanced airless tires offer 100% puncture protection, so you never have a flat. They also provide a smooth ride.

ATTO Scooter Accessories

MovingLife have a large range of useful innovative accessories and add-ons, some are shown below. You can select any of these accessories on the enquiry/quote request form and we will include them in your price.

Seat Cushion - Red/Blue/Black

ATTO Mobility Scooter Dubai accessories - Red Cushion

The ATTO Padded Cushion alleviates pressure and delivers an extra-comfy experience so you never have to stop. Made from extra-durable materials, this extra-breathable mesh seat cover is easy to slip on or remove and folds to be carried compactly.

Select this accessory at the top of this page.

Mobile Phone Holder

ATTO Mobility Scooter Dubai accessories - Phone Holder

Stay connected and safe with this flexible smartphone holder that grips any mobile phone and attaches easily to your ATTO in a ready-to-use, hands-free position.

Select this accessory at the top of this page.

Left-Handed Throttle Kit

ATTO Mobility Scooter Dubai accessories - Left Hand Throttle

Use this simple adaptation to facilitate optimal steering control for left-handed users.

Select this accessory at the top of this page.

Carryall & Cushion

A smart solution that offers extra seat padding and utilizes the free space under the seat for storage. The Carryall can be detached from the ATTO seat to be hand-carried when needed.

Select this accessory at the top of this page.

Cane / Crutches Holder

ATTO Cane holders

Attach this set of smart connectors to your ATTO as the perfect solution to hold any standard walking sticks, canes, or crutches while you ride.

Select this accessory at the top of this page.

Essentials Pouch

ATTO Essentials pouch

The ATTO Pouch is compact enough to carry all your loose essentials, but roomy enough to carry a spare battery for your scooter. Attach the sleek ATTO pouch to the tiller and leave it on when folded or sling it over your shoulder when you disembark.

Select this accessory at the top of this page.

ATTO Armrests

ATTO Mobility Scooter Dubai accessories - Sport Armrest

An important ergonomic addition for users in need of extra stability, comfort, and security, the ATTO Armrests are easily folded away for convenient boarding and debarking. Grey colour for the ATTO.

Select this accessory at the top of this page.

Transport / Flight Kit

ATTO Mobility Scooter Dubai accessories - Flight Kit

Make sure your ATTO scooter is protected while you travel, with this super-protective cover that safeguards from any harm that can be caused by careless handling, outdoor weathering and long-term storage. Use the Kit to cover the ATTO and store or transport in trolley mode, store it easily on the backrest while driving.

Select this accessory at the top of this page.

Airsafe Battery Pack

ATTO Mobility Scooter Accessories - Airsafe battery pack

The ATTO Standard Flight Battery is a great range-enhancing solution for the long-haul user or for traveling, that gives you power assurance at all times.

Select this accessory at the top of this page.

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Technical specifications of the ATTO Mobility Scooter:

Moving Life ATTO Mobility Scooter Dubai white


48 Volt lithium-ion, more than 20 km / 12.5 miles of continuous driving.

4 hours on average for full charge. 

Charge on-board and off-board.

Charger: International 110-240V AC charger

EU and ROW (Rest of World) warranties provided


Product Dimensions:

Trolley Mode

Height 28” / 71 cm

Length 15.3” / 38.9 cm

Width 16.5” / 41.9 cm


Front Half 26.4 lbs / 12 kg

Rear half 37.5 lbs / 17 kg


Drive Mode

Height 35” / 89 cm

Length 47” / 120 cm

Width 22” / 56 cm


Assembled 64 lbs / 29 kg (w/o battery)

Battery 4.1 lbs / 1.85 kg

Shipping Dimensions

Height 19.68” / 50 cm

Length 31.49” / 80 cm

Width 16.53” / 42 cm

Weight: 81.57 lbs / 37 kg

Weight Capacity

Maximum user weight 19st / 120kg 


Most countries, 4 mph / 6.4 km per hour*

* Setup according to the local regulations

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