Apex Rigid Carbon Fibre Wheelchair

  • Ultra-light carbon fibre
  • Customisable rigid chair
  • Efficient easy propulsion
  • Lifetime frame guarantee
  • Infinitely adjustable


The Motion Composites Apex Rigid Carbon Fiber Wheelchair is an ultra-lightweight and highly customisable rigid chair. The Apex’s modular design allows each element (such as back angle, seat-to-floor height, and rear wheel position) to be adjusted to suit the individual. Made from ultra-lightweight carbon fibre, the Apex is easy to propel and simple to handle and store.

Combine that with a carbon fibre rigidized bar and camber tube; you’ve got the ultimate combination for light weight without compromising on strength. The bar is unique to the Apex and both maximize stability whilst preserving reactivity. This allows for a great energy-efficient chair for maximum propulsion. Motion Composite’s so confident in the frame they will even offer a lifetime guarantee. Does lifetime mean lifetime – same user for 30 years? The frame will still be covered!

Featuring a bold modern design, the Apex A catches attention for its striking colour accents against the all-black frame.  It’s infinitely adjustable with laser etched marks and built-in bubble levels for ultimate accuracy in setting the chair up for maximum comfort. Back angle, seat-to-floor height, and rear wheel positions can all be easily adjusted. Innovative front bumpers add to the aesthetic and provide protection where needed.

Motion Composites believes in empowering wheelchair users. We use the world’s most advanced technologies to enhance people’s lives with every single push. Take the new Apex. Our cutting-edge carbon fibre technology delivers an ultralight design of unrivalled strength and durability. With its superior fatigue resistance, extreme temperature tolerances and vibration dampening, carbon fibre is one of the strongest yet lightest materials on earth—the ultimate wheelchair material. The Apex redefines how the world thinks about wheelchairs. With a transport weight of just 9.2 lbs* (4.2 kg), the revolutionary design gives you the lightest, fully adjustable, rigid chair. Once again, Motion Composites surpass every expectation for performance, adjustability, weight and quality.

General manual wheelchair maintenance recommendations

  • Daily maintenance recommendations:
    • Wipe off any visual dirt and debris and clean
    • Ensure parts are in working order and engaged adequately, especially wheel locks
  • Weekly maintenance recommendations:
    • Disinfect the wheelchair as needed
    • Check tire pressure and inflate if needed
    • Check wheel locks
  • Monthly maintenance recommendations:
    • Remove hair from casters
    • Inflate tires if needed
    • Check all hardware, and tighten as needed
  • Quarterly maintenance recommendations:
    • Check wheel locks after inflating tires
    • Free spin all wheels and casters to check bearings
    • Clean all parts while performing thorough maintenance
    • Check cushion and backrest, including padding/hardware/covers
  • Yearly maintenance recommendations:
    • Have the wheelchair inspected by a qualified technician

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The lightest wheelchair in its class.

The APEX obliterates every preconceived idea about rigid chairs with a transport weight of just 9.2 lbs.* (4.2 kg). It’s fully configurable to meet the needs of just about every client and performs like a carbon fibre purebred.

Head-turning design.

Check out the design and construction details on the APEX. Or, examine its innovative components and accessories, such as the integrated impact guard and rigidizing system. In a word…revolutionary. The APEX from Motion Composites. Welcome to a new era in rigid chair design and performance.

Shed the weight. Up the performance.

Available in carbon or aluminium frame, the APEX cantilever design is constructed using the industry’s most advanced materials. Plus, the APEX represents not just low frame weight. It’s also the lightest configured adjustable chair in the industry. A fully configured APEX Carbon weighs just 15.5 lbs. (7 kg).

Nimble and responsive.

The unique rear rigidizing bar on the APEX optimizes ride performance. By increasing rear-frame rigidity, we’ve achieved an open design concept that increases lateral stability. Result — flex where and when you want it, and no sacrifice in stability for gains in comfort and ease of transport.

Sleek styling.

Inspired by modern design and aesthetics, the head-turning lines on the APEX prove once again that form should follow function. We invite you to linger on the APEX’s gentle curves and bold styling. Every design detail delights the eye and excites the senses.

Adjusts to your life.

As people change and evolve, so should their wheelchairs. From simple adjustments in back angle, seat and floor height to tenable rear wheel positions and seat width, the APEX is fully modular and adjustable. Plus, its laser-etched markings allow you to more easily adjust key components and specify exact positioning.


Frame Rigid
Armrest Height 8 – 14″ | 20 – 36cm
Back angle 80° – 101°
Back height 9 – 21″ | 23 – 53cm
Center of gravity 0 – 6″ | 0 – 15cm
Front frame angle 70°
Front seat to floor height 14 – 21″ | 36 – 53cm
Material T700 High-tensile strength carbon fibre
Maximum User Weight 120 kg | 265 lb.
Overall width 19 – 32″ | 48 – 80cm
Rear seat to floor height 14 – 20″ | 36 – 51cm
Seat Depth 12- 20″ | 31 – 51cm
Seat width 12 – 20″ | 31 – 51cm
Transport Weight Lightest configuration: 17.2 lb. | 7.8 kg
Wheel camber


Apex Carbon

High-Modulus Carbon T700 — The lightest and most rigid material available, also renowned for its vibration-dampening properties.

Integrated Impact Guard with Top Grip – Prevents daily-use scratches to the front of the frame. Adds high friction grip for transfers. Protects vulnerable areas of lower extremities.

Clamped rigidizing system – Patented modular system enhances versatility and rear frame stiffness.

Bubble levels – Built-in gauges make caster and camber adjustment quick and precise.

Standard carbon fibre camber tube – Provides a rigid ride without added weight.

Laser-etched markings – Allow for quick and easy symmetrical adjustments.

Newton Accessories – Parts and accessories designed for enhanced lightness, functionality and awesome style.




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