Pride Jazzy Fusion Powerchair

Compact design
Rear Wheel Drive System
Maximum speed of 4 mph
Swing-Away Joystick
Individual Freewheel

The Pride Jazzy Fusion is an impressive compact indoor/outdoor powerchair that comes with a number of advanced features as standard. Offering powerful rear-wheel drive performance outside, the Fusion also boasts powered tilt and manual recline, and a number of customisation options.

Key features:

  • Powered tilt and manual recline
  • Powerful outdoor performance
  • Compact
  • Customisation options

Designed for use both inside and out, the Pride Jazzy Fusion is more than capable of managing both. Indoors, its compact size means it remains manoeuvrable, despite being rear-wheel drive. Outdoors, the rear-wheel drive excels, giving it the torque and power necessary to get the wheelchair user around, while rear suspension keeps the wheelchair user comfortable. The Fusion also can be folded for occasional transport, or for storage.

The seating on the Fusion is particularly impressive, and the width and depth can be to fit the user. More advanced seating, including comfort backrests and headrests are also available. Other adjustments can be made to the Fusion, including the height of the armrests and the width of the leg rests.

The Pride Jazzy Fusion comes as standard with both powered tilt and manual recline – both advanced features that are not normally found on a powerchair of this price. Powered recline and elevating leg rests are also available as an additional option should the user require them.

Overall, the Fusion is ideal for those that want a comfortable and customisable powerchair that can be used inside and outside, yet also remains affordable.

What are the benefits of buying an electric wheelchair?

Because there are so many options when it comes to purchasing electric wheelchairs, you can benefit in a number of ways. Although some powerchairs will come at a higher price point than manual wheelchairs, they can offer many more useful features.

More freedom and accessibility

Powered wheelchairs allow users to get around without having to exert energy, which means that it is possible to get out for longer and a much further distance. The batteries on a power wheelchair can last for around 8 hours before needing a charge again, so those with limited mobility can easily transport for shopping, fresh air, and just about anything else!

For those that require a wheelchair but can also walk short distances, an electric wheelchair allows the user to get out with less effort and therefore have more energy to walk when necessary. A powerchair can allow much more outdoor freedom and accessibility.

Added comfort

Because a power wheelchair hosts a motor and battery, the models are usually slightly larger in size than ordinary wheelchairs. This means that there is more room for comfort, including bigger cushions, support and stability.

The chair can easily be customised for an individual so that they are provided with optimum support while travelling around. Here at Dubai Mobility, our power wheelchairs require a seating assessment so that we can make sure your seat is perfectly comfortable and safe for your use.

Still not sure, then why not book an assessment with one of us: Book an assessment with a trained professional.


Ion Seating

Both configurations of the Fusion come a standard with the comfortable Ion seating system.

Rear Wheel Drive System

The Pride Fusions’ rear wheel drive system provide great control even at fast speeds and offer excellent stability even on rough terrain.

Interchangeable Decal Panels

Personalise your Pride Fusion with 3 different colour decal sets.


Model Specification note: All specification is subject to change without notice

  • Weight Capacity: 21 Stone (136kg)
  • Maximum Speed: 4 mph (6 Km/h)
  • Ground Clearance: 11 cm (4.5″)
  • Overall Length:  89 cm (35″)
  • Overall Width: 25” (65 cm)
  • Wdith When Folded: 12.5” (32 cm)
  • Drive Wheels 14” (35 cm)
  • Castor Wheels: 9” (23cm) solid (front)
  • Anti-Tips: 3” (7.6 cm) solid (rear)
  • Suspension: Rear
  • Drive Train: Two motor – rear wheel drive
  • Braking System: Intelligent braking, electronic, electro-mechanical
  • Electronic: 70 Amp PG VR2 controller
  • Standard Seating: Tension-adjustable, sling back pulls solid seat pan
  • Standard Footrest: 70º degree swing-away
  • Battery Charger: Off-board, 5 amp
  • Battery Requirements: Two x 12 volt – 55 amp
  • Battery Pack Weight: 37lb (17 Kg) each
  • Base Weight: 168lbs (76.2 Kg)

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