ICON 2 Bed

Easily extendable
Features a safety locking/unlocking mechanism
Full-length and 3/4-length folding rails

Exceptional electric height range 250 – 700mm. The ICON 2 bed enables carers to work comfortably and avoid static load. The height range also assists the patient with getting in and out of bed. One person can manage the quick and easy assembly of the bed without the use of tools, and when not in use, the transport and storage system allows the bed to be folded into a compact unit to maximise space efficiency.

Conforms to the highest possible safety standards. The ICON 2 Bed bed has been independently tested to certify that it complies with the latest stability, dimensional and safety requirements of the IEC60601-2-52 Standard. Integral 200mm bed extension The mattress platform can be easily extended in situ by 200mm without disassembling the bed. Thus offering maximum care flexibility and providing a safe, comfortable experience for taller patients.

What benefits can adjusting the height of the bed provide?

The capability to lower and raise a bed’s height can benefit those who use the bed daily and their carers. Setting the bed to the correct height is particularly beneficial to those with limited mobility. This can help you get in and out of bed, especially for those who can self-transfer into a wheelchair.

The function can also assist an individual in achieving a semi-standing position. Reducing the height of the bed can also offer increased security against falls due to the position of the bed being closer to the floor. Some beds offer a shallow height, such as only 21cm, from the floor and, when used with a padded mat at the side of the bed, can offer more excellent protection from injury.

For example, those prone to leaving their bed unexpectedly at night. Accompanying bed beds low height with padded mats is handy when a bed is used without side rails. Raising the height of the bed to an ergonomic height is particularly useful for carers as it allows them to care for their clients at a safe working height, therefore reducing their risk of back strain and associated injury.

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