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These mobility aids are designed for comfort & performance, they feature larger seats and a wider wheelbase compared to smaller travel or folding mobility scooters. Scroll down to see our mobility scooter range.

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The benefits of a mobility scooter

Mobility scooters offer several advantages over their smaller counterparts, making them a valuable option for individuals with varying needs. Here are some of the key benefits:

Spacious Seating:

Large scooters boast wider seats and leg-rests, providing ample room for users of all sizes and ensuring a comfortable ride. This is especially beneficial for those who require additional support due to physical limitations.

Adjustable Features:

Many large scooters come equipped with adjustable features like armrests, headrests, and seat angles, allowing for personalized comfort and posture support.

Powerful Motors:

Large scooters typically have more powerful motors compared to smaller models. This translates to better hill climbing ability, enabling you to navigate steeper inclines and uneven terrain with ease.

Larger Batteries:

Larger batteries provide extended range, allowing you to travel further on a single charge. This is ideal for users who want to explore their surroundings or run errands independently.

Heavy-Duty Construction:

The robust build of large scooters makes them sturdier and more stable, offering a smoother ride even on rougher surfaces.

Increased Carrying Capacity:

Large scooters often have higher weight limits, allowing you to carry groceries, shopping bags, or even small mobility aids.

Enhanced Visibility:

The larger size of these scooters makes them more noticeable to pedestrians and motorists, potentially improving safety on the road.

Storage Compartments:

Some large scooters come equipped with built-in storage compartments, providing convenient space for personal belongings.

It’s important to note that large scooters also have some drawbacks, such as being less maneuverable in tight spaces and requiring more storage space.

However, for individuals who prioritize comfort, range, and capability, the benefits of a larger scooter often outweigh the limitations.

Ultimately, the best size mobility scooter depends on your individual needs and preferences.

Determine the budget and explore options that balance cost with the desired features and quality.

Professional consultation

It is always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or occupational therapist to ensure the chosen mobility aid meets your specific physical requirements.

We offer free consultations and we can liaise with your healthcare professional to ensure a product is suitable for your individual needs.

We also offer test drives at our Dubai showroom, so you can test any of our available mobility scooters before committing to buy.

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