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We can provide multiple types of Mobility Scooters/Disability Scooters that are designed to fit your lifestyle and needs. Ideal for those with mobility issues, disabilities, or those who are recovering from surgery or accidents, mobility scooters are not just for the elderly! Which one is perfect for you?

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Ahmad A
Ahmad AVerified customer
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The scooter was very comfortable with the padded back and seat. Gave me a good price. Amazing service and the best in the UAE!
G Matthews
G MatthewsVerified customer
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Great experience, I have used the company twice now whilst visiting Dubai. Also available to contact for help and questions on WhatsApp which makes it easier to communicate.
Sandra E
Sandra EVerified customer
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What an excellent experience.... The drop off was on time with her guy very professional received my receipt on the day of pickup ...the scooter was just what I needed!
Asma G
Asma GVerified customer
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I am for the fourth time in Dubai and every time when I need the wheelchair I can get it as soon as possible. The service is very good and always very honest with the payment.
Shmulik R
Shmulik RVerified customer
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Great service , new scooters. It was very helpful sightseeing in Dubai
Antonio R
Antonio RVerified customer
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Reasonable price, very fast transaction, replies quickly. Their mobile scooter is very easy to use, disassembles easily for transport, perfect for senior citizens and PWD. Number 1 mobility aid solution in dubai!!!

Travel Mobility Scooters to buy:

They break down into easy to handle smaller parts. To reassemble they clip back together with ease!

If you are travelling and want to use your scooter when you get to your destination, these types of mobility scooters are perfect.

Travel mobility scooters are normally smaller than standard mobility scooters as they are designed to be compact for transport.

They will have smaller batteries and therefore a shorter range as a result.

Our Mobility Scooters to buy

Our Mobility Scooters are designed to be as stable and comfortable as possible. Ideal for those who need more support or a longer range.

They feature a wider wheelbase with suspension for a smoother, more comfortable drive and larger & more comfortable seating when compared to travel or folding scooters. Most models will also allow you to adjust the back angle & have armrests for even more comfort.

Due to their larger size when compared to travel or folding scooters, there is more room for larger batteries, which will give longer drive times & range per charge. 

Many mobility scooters are able to travel faster than travel scooters – up to 8mph

Many mobility scooters also have a basket option, which is ideal for shopping or storing your belongings.

Compact Folding Travel Mobility Scooters to buy

Our compact folding travel scooters & powerchairs are designed to be small and easily transportable. They offer the ability to take the scooter with you on public transport, in the car, on the train or even on an airplane.

With a folding travel mobility scooter you can take it with you on your travels.

They are designed to be folded down and put into a vehicle for use when you get to your destination

Some are designed to be able to be taken on airplanes and will fit into overhead lockers.

With an emphasis on portability, these scooters are made to be as lightweight as possible using high tech materials, so that the majority of users can lift the scooter into a vehicle. 

The ATTO range will also fold down into a “trolley” configuration – so they are super easy to transport

Due to their small size, they generally use smaller batteries. This will obviously give you a shorter range than a standard mobility scooter.

Many people who wish to have longer battery life or travel range, purchase a second battery, however this is only needed if you intend to go longer distances above 12 miles or so (depending on the scooter) at a speed of around 4 to 6 mph, again depending on the model.

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