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Travel Scooters, Mobility Scooters and Folding Compact Scooters

We are the sole distributor of Pride Mobility Scooters, Moving Life & IOCN Rehab Mobility Scooters in The UAE & Beyond.

 We can provide multiple types of Mobility Scooters/Disability Scooters that are designed to fit your lifestyle and needs. 

Which one is perfect for you? 

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Types of Mobility Scooter:

Travel Mobility Scooters

Zero Turn Travel Mobility Scooter

Travel Mobility Scooters are designed to break down into smaller parts and to fit into the trunk of a car to be transported to where you need it

Mobility Scooters

Pride Wrangler Mobility Scooter

Mobility Scooters do not break down into smaller parts. Designer for users who need stability and comfort for longer journeys.

Folding & Compact Scooters

Atto Sport Folding Mobility Scooter

Travel scooters or powerchairs that fold into a compact package for ease of transport. For days out or use on public transport

Some of our Travel Scooter Range

Our Travel Mobility Scooters are designed to be as portable as possible by breaking down into smaller parts that can be handled easily. Ideal for those who dont need to use the scooter all day and/or want to transport their scooter in a vehicle to their destination and then use the scooter while there. Travel Scooters are smaller than Mobility scooters and therefore generally have smaller batteries.

Some of Our Compact/Folding Travel Scooters

Our compact folding travel scooters & powerchairs are designed to be small and easily transportable. They offer the ability to take the scooter with you on public transport, in the car, on the train or even on an airplane.

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atto scooter by moving life

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What our customers say...

Ahmad A
Ahmad A
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The scooter was very comfortable with the padded back and seat. Gave me a good price. Amazing service and the best in the UAE!
Syed S
Syed S
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The scooter was very comfortable with the padded back and seat. Gave me a good price.
Jake J
Jake J
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Josh B
Josh B
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Lifesaver, bought a mobility scooter after I broke my ankle. Easy to use. Lightweight. Moves around beautifully

Mobility Scooter Help & Advice

Zero Turn Travel Mobility Scooter

mobility scooter buying guide

When and where are you going to use your scooter? This is the most critical question to ask yourself. If you’re considering purchasing a scooter, you presumably have a decent notion of how you want to use it.

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