Riser Recliner Chairs, Neuro Chairs & Bariatric Seating

Our range of seating includes Lift Chairs that are essentially motorised armchairs that will recline and lift you up out of the chair at the touch of a button. As well as Neuro Chairs for those who need greater positioning & support & Bariatric Seating for larger & heavier users.

Riser Recliner Chairs

ICON Rehab Essence Dawn riser recliner lift chair

Riser recliner chairs – also known as lift chairs, offer a choice of seating positions to maximise comfort.

Neuro Chairs

Cura Porta Neuro Chair - Lift Chair

Neuro chairs offer better support and pressure care options, they can be fully adjusted to the user’s requirements.

Bariatric Seating

Cura bariatric riser recliner chair

Bariatric care chairs are designed to suit the needs of bigger, taller or wider individuals, allowing them to sit comfortably.

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Riser Recliner Chairs F.A.Q’s

If getting in and out of a regular armchair or sofa has become more of a struggle, you might benefit from our range of riser recliners. We are often asked how a riser recliner, neuro or bariatric chair can be of benefit?

We have included a list of medical conditions below and how a recliner chair can help. If you have any questions feel free to use the form below to contact us, we are happy to help!


Electric operation eliminates pressure on joints while sitting, rising, or exiting. The unique high leg lift and optional heat/massage further ease pain.

Back Pain:

The riser function reduces strain on your back when getting in and out. Waterfall back chairs provide exceptional support for the neck, lumbar, and back region.

Circulation Problems:

The high leg lift (up to 6 inches) improves blood flow and reduces swelling in legs and ankles. Warming heat and massage options enhance circulation further.


Rise and recline chairs help conserve energy by assisting with standing and sitting, allowing you to focus on activities rather than breathing struggles.

Heart Disease:

Improved circulation thanks to the high leg lift reduces strain on the heart and helps manage swelling.
Hip/Knee Replacements: The gentle rise and recline action minimizes impact on joints during sitting and standing. The high leg lift keeps pressure off hips and aids recovery.

Multiple Sclerosis:

Chair contours promote relaxation, and massage helps manage muscle spasms and tremors. The riser action simplifies standing and sitting.


The high leg lift elevates legs above the heart, promoting downward blood flow and reducing swelling.
Osteoporosis: Reclining and leg elevation reduce strain on pressure points and relieve tension, while the riser action protects joints and bones.

Parkinson’s Disease:

The riser function eases getting in and out, maximizing comfort.


Reclining and the high leg lift offer comfort and relieve tension, potentially preventing recurrences. The riser action reduces back strain.


Extra padding provides superior support. The riser action and ambidextrous controls assist people with limited mobility.

Swollen Ankles:

The high leg lift elevates legs above the hip level, boosting circulation and reducing swelling.

Reduced Discomfort:

No more struggling to stand or sit. Simply press a button and let the chair gently assist you.

Improved Independence:

Rise and recline chairs empower you to maintain independence and perform daily tasks with ease.

Enhanced Comfort:

Ergonomic design and adjustable features provide personalized comfort throughout the day.

Rise and recline chairs are not just furniture; they’re an investment in your health, comfort, and independence.

Consider them not a luxury, but a tool for living a fuller, more satisfying life.

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