Pride LC107


Limitless amounts of positions with high levels of comfort

The new LC107 from ‘Pride® Lift Chairs’, is a dual motor lift chair, which means that it has a limitless amounts of positions, enabling you to find your perfect position.

Available Colours


Intended Use

Your Lift Chair is considered a medical device, based on the following criteria; an electric positioning chair, which is a device, with a motorized positioning control that is intended for medical purposes and that can be adjusted to various positions. The device is used to provide stability for patients with athetosis (involuntary spasms) and to alter postural positions. Since the Pride Lift Chair is used for alleviation of or compensation for injury or handicap, it would be categorized as a medical device. As for the testing standards, we currently utilize EN18182, Assistive Products for Persons with Disabilities.

Comments and feedback

Jan Yard - on her LC107

The unique positions available to me with the LC107 enables me to reach comfort levels I could never get to before.