Quantum Cushions & Backs: Quantum ADI Q-Back Wheelchair Cushion
Quantum ADI Q-Back

Quantum ADI Q-Back Wheelchair Cushion


The ADI Q-Back from Stealth Products, Inc. is available on TRU-Balance® 3 Seating Systems and is offered in three configurations.

The idea behind the design of the Q-Back is to allow for seamless integration of the ADI back support line to the Quantum TB3 Power Positioning System. This combination will grant the consumer an array of back support height, width, depth and profile options for their multifunctional Quantum TB3 System, resulting in a highly sophisticated seating package. The new Q-Back includes a high quality Lycra cover to complement the anti-shear features of the TB3 system, as well as offering water resistance and breathability.

The hole pattern on the Q-Back is designed for ease of installation to the TB3 back plate as well as offering height adjustability

in .5” increments equaling a total of 3.5” of height adjustment.

Additional slots have been included on the Q-Back to allow for integration of Stealth laterals and positioning straps.

Pre-drilled holes for mounting headrests.

New XX-Tall (22”) height option.


  • Heights – Standard (16”), Tall (18”), X-Tall (20”), XX-Tall (22”)

  • Widths – 16”, 18”, 20”

  • Contours – Active (2.5”), Deep (4”), Extra Deep (6”)

  • Profiles – AL Series (Scapular Cut-Out), AFT Series (Flat Top)


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