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HP-5 Adjustable Head Protection
HP-5 Adjustable Head Protection

HP-5 Adjustable Head Protection


Growth-related or after surgery, it is possible that the shape of the head and therefore particular measurements can change in a very short period of time.


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Owing to its ingenious construction, the head protection HP-5 Flex is individually adjustable in many areas (head circumference, inclination, strap lengths) making it ideal to adapt to the individual measures of the person in need of care.


  • Chin protection
  • Forehead protection
  • Velcro sunshield
  • Closed top
  • Ear protection


  • Ratchet adjustment
  • Velcro® adjustment


  • Velcro® fastener
  • Fixlock fastener
  • Thorn buckle (standard)
  • Strengthened thorn buckle
  • Magnet lock including key

Perfect Fit

PerfectFit® system overcomes several difficulties that are often encountered when trying to assess for head protection as it gives an exact scan of the shape and size of clients head. This scan is then used to produce a 3D print of the clients head and this enables us to build a perfectly fitting head protector which'll offer the maximum protection from the day it is delivered. It can also also be used to monitor patients head.


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