Choosing the right stairlift for you

What is a stairlift?

A stairlift is an electric seating device that transfers you between your home’s floors. It typically comprises a custom-made railing system and a sitting unit. The seat slides gently up and down the stairs, often at around 2.5 inches (0.2 feet) per second. Stairlifts are installed on a stairwell without causing any damage to the walls or décor. All current types of stairlifts are battery-operated; the stairlift batteries are recharged through a simple charging mechanism while the stairlift is parked in any of its stopping positions, enabling it to be utilized even during a power outage.

For whom are stairlifts intended?

Stairlifts are intended for people with limited mobility who have difficulty walking up and down the stairs – for example, those who have a heart condition or arthritis, those who have had hip replacements, and those who have significantly reduced strength and flexibility as a result of ageing (or an operation). If your house has more than one storey, stairlifts can help you maintain your freedom by allowing you to reach higher floors.

Stairlift types

The lift you want is determined by the form and design of your home’s staircase, width, and impediments along the way. Straight stairlifts are appropriate if your staircase is straight up and down with no bends, landings or curves. These hold the stair treads firmly, are the least costly sort of stairlift, and are often simple and fast to install. They can be equipped with manual or automated hinges to clear doors and minimize obstacles, drop-down platforms to accommodate short sets of “windier” steps, and motorized swivel chairs and footplates to eliminate all physical effort associated with stairlift use.

Curved stairlifts are ideal for staircases which curve around one or more corners or are otherwise not straight. They can be put on practically any staircase and can be configured to span more than two levels if your home has more than two. Outdoor stairlifts are completely weatherproofed versions of our straight and curved lifts; these are great for accessing your garden or descending your front or back stairs. They attach directly to the stairs and have a waterproof cover for when they’re not used.


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Is your stairwell suitable for a stairlift?

The answer is very likely yes. Whether your steps are straight, curved, spiral or somewhere in between, the likelihood is that we can provide and install a stairlift for you. Apart from straight, curved and outdoor stairlifts, all contemporary stairlift chairs may be folded and parked at the top or bottom of the stairs, at a handy additional ‘park point’, or even around a corner if necessary.

Advantages of a stairlift in your homeThree stairlifts montage

1. Simple to use for everyone

Most people find stairlifts easy to use because producers have simplified them. By depressing the stairlift button, the lift will cease to operate. Bear this in mind when using. The switch should be put on the most appropriate bracket for your requirements (or family members).

 2. You regain complete access to your staircase

After installing a stairlift, individuals may continue to use the stairs without it. You will still have access to your stairs since it will not take up the whole stairwell. Apart from this, the stairwell you use impacts the function of your house; this implies stairlifts don’t restrict the use of your stairs by other individuals who do not need them but do so when necessary.

 3. Increased freedom in your home

A stairlift will transport you to the next storey of your home in seconds. They are quite easy and are not subject to any qualification procedure. Be sure to wear a harness to secure your seat.

 4. A Temporary injury solution

Although seniors purchase the majority of stairlifts for their limited mobility, they may also be beneficial for people recuperating from an injury and regaining mobility. Since a lower-body injury needs healing, installing a stairlift offers access to all house floors. Renting a stairlift is a good option for people who need a lift for a short period.

We can help whether you have a straight or spiral staircase. Installing a stairlift or acquiring one is a straightforward procedure. For further information, contact us at +971 4 370 9893 or visit us online today. 

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