10 Tips for Keeping Electric Wheelchair Batteries in Good Condition

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For electric-powered mobility devices such as mobility scooters & powerchairs, you want & need them to be available to use all day, every day. However, to achieve this, you will benefit from reading and following the tips & advice shown below. Not following these simple guidelines may mean your mobility device may suffer from poor performance & battery life. Causing you to have to charge your batteries multiple times in a day which is not ideal or in the worst case, replace your batteries!

1. Ensure your new batteries sre fully charged before first use

When your new batteries arrive, ensure they are fully charged. They won’t last as long if you don’t fully charge a new deep-cell battery before usage. Ask about the battery’s charge level and take suitable action. If you purchase a motorised scooter or powerchair from Dubai Mobility – it will be fully charged and ready to go from the moment you take delivery.

2. Maintain 70% power for the first 10 days

Allow the battery to keep 70% power during the first ten days after purchase. When you charge after utilizing 30% of the power in the first ten days, the deep-cell battery will stay charged for a longer period.

3. Optimal temperature

The optimal charging temperature is 18-25 C Experiment with this range only if the battery manufacturer recommends it. Batteries suffer from 30°C temperatures, and charging the battery below 10°C will cause it to malfunction. Charging at high temperatures shortens the battery’s life.


4. Charge them every night

One of the best battery maintenance ideas is to charge your device every night. This may extend the battery life by charging them fully overnight and not dropping below 50% capacity. This will ensure longer battery life.

5. Save the cells of the battery

Don’t let your battery go below 80%. The battery cells will be harmed if you reach only 20% before charging. If you travel long distances, you should plan an annual budget for battery replacement.

6. Ensure your batteries are properly fitted

The batteries may have problems because of how they were put in. If you want the best outcome, hire experts to help you with the installation process. Then everything will be in the right order.

7. Driving habits

If you use an electric wheelchair, have a consistent driving speed. Inconsistent driving can shorten the battery’s life. Driving at a steady pace helps prolong the battery’s life.

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8. Use the supplied battery charger

Don’t use a charger that isn’t advised for your battery. If you have a dead battery while out with your electric wheelchair and you don’t have your charger, never use an incorrect charger to revive it. The charger will be ruined, and the battery life will be shortened. If you’re stuck, contact the battery manufacturer for help.

9. Keep fully charged wheelchair batteries safe

When using the power chair, expect unpredictable performance and battery life. You will shorten the battery’s life if you do not charge it regularly. Even while storing the battery, charge it randomly in order to prolong its shelf life. Charge your narrow-motorized wheelchair’s battery before storing it. Disconnect the battery connections and keep them somewhere warm and dry. Anything above or below the right temperature will shorten the battery’s life and performance. Keep them clear of danger zones.

10. Read your battery’s manual carefully for better maintenance

Read the battery’s handbook and follow the care instructions; no two chairs’ maintenance advice is the same, and each battery has its own care instructions. The battery is vital to the electric wheelchair’s life, so invest time in learning its care suggestions; you may obtain real-time help from the model. If you know how to care for lead-acid batteries, you won’t be able to care for lithium-ion or deep-cycle batteries the same way. After having the necessary information, you won’t have problems with a dead battery.

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Electric wheelchair batteries explained

A closer examination of a battery reveals that it comprises three key components.

1. Capacity

An electric battery’s capacity is an important factor for the battery. This indicates the battery’s capacity in amp-hours and how fast it can charge.

2. Current rating

The current rating measures the flow of electrons across the cell in amperes. The chair will likely not deliver the best performance if you go over rocky terrain with high-amperage batteries.

3. Cell type

There are two main “cell types” of battery cells; you may utilize one of the two in your wheelchair. Manufacturers favour gel-cell models because they avoid environmental and maintenance issues associated with wet-cell models.

  • Wet-cell: Even though wet-cell batteries have some problems, they have more power and last longer than other types of batteries.They also cost less than gel-cell. They are the most popular choice for a lot of people to make. It will last longer if you buy the vented cell option; you can do this by filling the cell with water now and then. The concealed cell options are sealed and do not need to be filled with water. Sealed wet-cell batteries are naturally sealed, so there’s no water level to keep track of. They will be at risk of acid getting on their skin (and the chair’s frame) if you try to add water to it. Batteries can leak, which can cause acid to leak out; this can be dangerous.
  • Gel-cell: Gel-cell batteries do not cause chemical leaks. They’re normally permitted inside aircraft and are maintenance free. The capacity is 10-20% lower than wet-cell versions, and they do cost more; if you wish to buy a battery, you must also get the charger accessories. Only the correct charger can prolong the life of these batteries.

Most batteries may be recharged 300 times (approx.) before they start losing power.

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