What happens during a wheelchair assessment?

Wheelchair assessment

During a wheelchair assessment at Dubai Mobility, a trained professional will assess your individual needs and requirements to ensure that you get the right wheelchair for your lifestyle.

The Ischial Pelvic Alignment System (IPAS)

Raz shower commode IPAS

The Ischial Pelvic Alignment System (IPAS) stands at the forefront of these advancements, revolutionizing the way disabled people can achieve optimal pelvic alignment, comfort, and mobility.

Benefits of Quality Manual Wheelchairs

Man in wheelchair with dog dubai

The best way to get the most out of your wheelchair is by investing in quality materials that won’t leave you stranded or let you down during important daily activities.

Wheelchairs Just for Kids

Child with cerebral palsy in wheelchair

The ability to move freely is something all of us take for granted. For children with disabilities, however, this freedom can be difficult to access.

Three-Wheel vs Four-Wheel Mobility Scooter

ATTO Sport Max Mobility Scooter Dubai UAE

As mobility scooters continue to gain popularity as a reliable means of transportation for individuals with limited mobility, choosing the right scooter becomes crucial.

Can you hire wheelchairs in The UAE?

Motion Composites Testimonials

As a wheelchair user, it’s likely that you’ve had to borrow a wheelchair to access places and activities when travelling. But have you ever stopped to think about the practicalities of hiring a wheelchair in Dubai or across the UAE?

Experience with the ATTO mobility scooter

Jacqueline on living with MS and an ATTO

Jacqueline was recently given an ATTO Classic mobility scooter and she has agreed to review the experience for us, from her personal viewpoint, in the hopes of helping others make the life-changing decision of acquiring a mobility scooter.